We provide experienced, 
in-house project management, construction management, and construction crews.
services include:
  • Fiber Optic Cabling (Direct Buried, HDD, Underground, and Aerial)
  • Small Cell Installation & Maintenance
  • Antenna and Line Installation 
& Maintenance
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Scheduling & Quality Control
  • Safety Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Site Civil Work & Maintenance
  • Power and Telco Installation & Coordination
  • Electrical Services, Grounding and Permitting
  • Antenna and Line Installation & Maintenance
  • Equipment Installation and Commissioning
  • Sweep, PIM, Fiber, and Megger Testing
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Close-Out Package and Preparation
  • Plant Contractor Inspector & 
Land Surveying

Other Utility Services


draftPros offers comprehensive engineering services for utility infrastructure projects.

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draftPros offers a true turnkey permitting solution with a national dedicated permitting team. Having a dedicated team allows us to be effective and efficient in getting permits approved.

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Project Management

Demonstrating extensive project management expertise, draftPros instills confidence in our clients, enabling them to entrust all tasks to us with ease.

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Site Acquisition

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