draftPros offers a true turnkey permitting solution with a national dedicated permitting team. Having a dedicated team allows us to be effective and efficient in getting permits approved.
services include:
  • Permit Package Preparation
  • Permit Reviews
  • DEP
  • Railroad
  • Structural Pole Analysis
  • Right-of-Way
  • Water Management District
  • Canal Crossings
  • DOT

Other Utility Services


draftPros offers comprehensive engineering services for utility infrastructure projects.

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We provide experienced, 
in-house project management, construction management, and construction crews.

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Project Management

Demonstrating extensive project management expertise, draftPros instills confidence in our clients, enabling them to entrust all tasks to us with ease.

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Site Acquisition

Trust draftPros to streamline the complex process of site selection, negotiation, and approval, ensuring your ventures are positioned for success.

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